Mission & History


To educate the community on how to avoid Brain Bleeds, Stroke and Heart Disease through healthy life choices and encourage everyone to take on a NEVER QUIT attitude and live life to its fullest.

Prevention is the key to avoiding medical issues. The NEVER QUIT message has the unique opportunity and ability to reach our youth and in turn their parents, extended family and friends. The goal is to teach prevention, living an active and healthy lifestyle, and if stroke, heart disease or a brain bleed should ever happen to anyone they know, how to take care of that person with a never quit attitude of love, strength and understanding. Gerard’s wife and children learned how to help her husband and father surpass all barriers placed on him. NEVER QUIT and the local medical field deliver a very powerful and unique presentation message of health for families.

This event was inspired by Captain Gerard Petroni, his family and the local health and medial community that helped Gerard cross barriers that most believed not possible. The community watched a man overcome and defeat the odds with a NEVER QUIT attitude, strong faith in God, and the unending love and support of his family. Out of Gerard’s stroke and brain bleed, bad turned to good and a story of hope and prevention developed that can now be shared so that all my benefit.

After approximately 6 months of not being able to adequately communicate, Gerard Petroni was asked if he could write anything on a piece of paper, what would he write? Gerard wrote the words…”NEVER QUIT.”Bio-Pic-1




Healthy living: Healthy foods, challenging physical activities, and preventative health check-ups. Encouraging people to live a purpose driven life.
Family and honoring women: A day of great fun for everyone to come together.
American values: Adopting the principles and attitudes of those that have gone before us and entrusted us to these United States.
Support our Armed Services and Constitution: Honoring the spirited people who both support and serve our country and living a life of Liberty
Take on a NEVER QUIT approach to Life: No matter what life throws at you, a NEVER QUIT attitude will allow you to finish life’s race.

When we leave the NEVER QUIT event, we hope you will be changed for the better.

Our goal, is that all of us feel encouraged to live a healthier lifestyle and get regular health check-ups, spend more time with our families, have more purpose in life.  In addition, that we take time to appreciate our armed forces and all they do for our country, and take on a NEVER QUIT attitude in all that we do.

All participants and sponsors involved with the NEVER QUIT are working toward the same goals and share the same principles. This fact makes this event truly unique and special, setting it apart from all others.

The heartfelt meaning of this event is what motivated so many that were not runners, to participate in years prior and will be the driving force once again this year. “There is no growth without change, no change without fear or loss, and… Only a life lived for someone else is a life worth living.”


Bio-Pic-4Our Dad, Capt Gerard Petroni was one the healthiest men around. However, he suffered a stroke in April of 2006 and large brain bleed the day before Thanksgiving in November 2006. It was very questionable if he would live, but with Gerard and our family’s NEVER QUIT attitude, Bio-Pic-2and the help of the amazing doctors, support from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida, therapists, and trainers he survived, improved greatly and inspired those who heard his story.
In addition, Gerard’s strong constitution cultivated by eating healthy and living a vibrant life, allowed him to survive his Brain Bleed in 2006 and inspired the NEVER QUIT message. With these healthy traits, and now having his blood pressure monitored closely, he was able to live an additional 3 years. However, a life of prior high blood pressure had taken its toll. On Dec 19, he suffered another stroke and on Dec 25, a massive brain bleed. Gerard went Home to His Creator on Dec 31, 2009.Bio-Pic-3

When Dad was growing up, the importance of checking blood pressure wasn’t well known. But his passing wasn’t in vain as this message is so moving. We can learn from Dad’s life, so what happened to him and our family may not happen to yours.

Everyone has their own NEVER QUIT story. What is yours?  With your story, let us all help to preserve no matter the challenge.  Let us educate others to live a determined life of purpose and health and so that we may all help others to live a health fruitful life and do more with the wonderful life we are all given.